Kohl’s does not currently offer Afterpay as a payment option on their website or in their physical stores. However, this may change in the future as the company continues to evolve and adapt to customer needs. It’s always best to check with Kohl’s official website or customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Afterpay is a payment service that allows customers to make purchases and pay for them in four interest-free installments. It is offered by a number of retailers as an alternative to traditional payment methods like credit cards and debit cards.

Additionally, Kohl’s does offer other forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and store credit.

It’s worth mentioning that, Kohl’s may offer other similar services such as their own store credit card, which may allow customers to make purchases and pay them off in multiple payments or with special financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Does Kohls accept pay later?

Kohl’s does offer a “Pay Later” option, also known as “Kohl’s Charge” which allows customers to make purchases and pay for them at a later date. Customers can apply for a Kohl’s Charge card in-store or online, and once approved, can use it to make purchases at Kohl’s stores or online. The card also offers rewards and discounts for frequent shoppers.

What payment methods does Kohls accept?

Kohl’s accepts a variety of payment methods, including:

Kohl’s Charge card
Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
Gift cards
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Shop Your Way rewards points
Kohl’s Cash and other promotional vouchers
Third-party financing options such as Klarna (Pay Later)

Can I use my Kohl’s card at Sephora?

No, you cannot use your Kohl’s card at Sephora. Kohl’s card can only be used to make purchases at Kohl’s stores or on the Kohl’s website. Sephora is a separate retail chain and operates its own stores and website, and have their own credit card and different payment methods. They do not accept any other store credit card.

Does Kohls allow PayPal?

Yes, Kohl’s accepts PayPal as a form of payment. Customers can use PayPal as a payment option both online and in-store.